Frequently Asked Questions

insurance policy

What is your fee for an insurance appraisal?

For a single diamond engagement ring (for example) we charge $100.00. Any additional pieces will be $75.00 each. In the case of a large estate requiring many hours of research, we charge an hourly fee based on the level of difficulty of the research. 

We offer a consulting service in case you don't know the origin or quality of the piece of jewelry. In some cases this fee could be waived if the client decides the piece is not worth appraising.

Is it possible to wait for the appraisal?

This depends on a number of things. We start by thoroughly cleaning your jewelry. We take detailed measurements, and examine the item or items, for condition, weight, size, shape, color and clarity. Macro photos of each piece are taken which could be used for exact reproduction in case of loss or theft.

You can leave the pieces so we can make the required list of details necessary to prepare the appraisal document, then return within one or two hours and reclaim your items. At a slightly later date, we prepare your appraisal, include your photos and send a copy of the appraisal in the mail. We do require payment by check or credit card at the time of reclaiming your jewelry.

To expedite the process, bring any previously prepared appraisals describing the item, including any certificates or reports from accredited gemological laboratories.

What types of jewelry do you appraise?

We appraise all types of jewelry, including fine jewelry, large and small estate jewelry collections, antique (incorporating several periods, and not always containing either precious metals or stones), silver jewelry, designer costume jewelry, and loose gemstones.


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